Christmas!! What's better than the smell of a fresh cut christmas tree?

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Do you know that smell in the store around this time of year? Yes, the one that smells like cinnamon.

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A great addition to your home. It’s calming, medicinal, and pain relieving.

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Immune essential oil can be used to help boost the immune system and fight against infections, sickness, and viruses.

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Enjoy a quality relaxation essential oil blend with a bath, or simply dilute to wear as a perfume.

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Energy essential oil is a blend of essential oils with properties designed to give you a boost of energy whenever and wherever.


Looking to set the mood for the holidays? Need to spice up a room?

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Winter Fern smells fresh, crisp, woody, and forest-like.

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Essential Oil Blend Reviews

It smells LOVELY and a little goes a long way! I got it for my boyfriend and he loves it....
Ugly Shyla (Etsy)

The oil smells great! Thank you so much! Fast shipping, too!...
Kerri Kelly (Etsy)

Very relaxing! Thank you so much :)...
Floyd (Etsy)

Love it thank you :)...
Mandy e. (Etsy)

Scent is exactly as described! Beautiful oil! Super fast shipping!...
Ashley F

Item shipped on time even with a narrow window to make it in time for Christmas. On top of that the scent is amazing, sm...
aag20 (Etsy)
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