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  • Handmade & Natural

    We create some of the best handmade products you'll ever use. We pride ourselves on our truth in labeling pledge and assure you freshest quality made in the USA.

  • Vintage-inspired

    At Opas Soap we use old world recipes from the Renaissance, Reformation, and Naturalism era combined with a modernistic approach.

  • Our promise

    We provide you with the cleanest, greenest, and most purest experience. Our animals and environment come first. We use biodegradable soy ink and eco-friendly packaging.

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How to detox using Swedish Bitter

How to detox using Swedish Bitter

Today I want to talk about detoxing with Swedish Bitter. Swedish Bitter, as you may know, is a old recipe from the 1500's. It was first produced by paracelsus and then later discovered by Maria Treben.
Beat Stress with these 3 tips

Beat Stress with these 3 tips

As the holiday season kicks in, the stress levels tend to rise. Here are some ways you can stop stress in its tracks and keep calm even through long lines at the supermarket.

Are air fresheners toxic?

Are air fresheners toxic?

TOXIC! Yes! Not only are they toxic for you and your family but also for your four legged friends. Cats and dogs, just like humans, also have lungs and we are creating a toxic environment for them if we are using air fresheners. What kind of air fresheners am I referring to? Read below.

Santa Barbara Earth Day Festival 2017

Santa Barbara Earth Day Festival 2017

Find us there, same time in Eco Marketplace! Celebrate earth! Come out and show your local support!

What our Customers say

  • This is my first product review EVER but I had to share my complete satisfaction with this lotion!! I have severe eczema...
  • I thought this green tea lotion was extremely moisturizing. I really like it because it last long and I only needed to s...
  • Very relaxing! Thank you so much :)...
    Floyd (Etsy)
  • I used this scent for some Halloween bath bombs I made. It's perfect and smells so lovely!...
    Ajcrowley (Etsy)
  • I literally feel like I have new skin on my face after using this mask. A huge difference in using an all natural produc...
    Cynthia Glenn (Etsy)
  • There's beer soap, and then there is Opas Soap's Beer Soap...Nonparallel quality! It's so divinely fragrant, cleansing, ...
    Bonnie B
  • This shampoo works great! I doubt I'll be using anything else!...
    Elaina Fruik (Etsy)
  • Love this lip balm. So soft and lasts, and love this color....
    Hiwa B
  • A little more flowery than I like, but it's nice....
    Michele Mc (Etsy)
  • This was a very unique soap for me. Its very smooth yet mildly spicy and but a fresh experience....
  • Wonderful scent! Natural is best....
    Susanne (Etsy)
  • Love it! I have been using the Oatmeal Soap for a couple months now. I like it very much. I have sensitive skin, with ou...
  • Palmarosa - like being in a spa. I bought this somewhat skeptical of how well it would work for my hair. The first thing...
  • This Soap is great!!!! It has a great smell and also lather up very nicely. It leaves skin feeling very moist and soft a...
  • Used it on my 3 month old with eczema prone skin for the first time!! It left his skin so soft..will never use any other...
    Maria Snure (Etsy)
  • This is a great smelling pure oil! I have been using it on my dryer balls and my laundry comes out smelling wonderful!...
    Patricia W
  • This soap is gentle on my sensitive skin. Thank you....
    Janneta Abunda
  • Love it!! Good size for entire family!!...
  • I bought this soap for my girlfriend. She loves the smell and how the soap leaves her skin feeling....
    Jeremy (Etsy)
  • I bought this lotion while traveling in Los Angeles and it healed my dry skin immediately. I use it on my face and it's...
    Janet T
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