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Wholesale Contact

Requirements to become a Wholesale Retailer

Thank you for your interest in retailing Opas Soap. Our natural skin care products are made fresh. We concentrate on bringing quality effective products to the public. 
  • Retail location should fit or appeal to the lifestyle that we are representing.
  • For example, your place of business must be in the line of a Spa, Healthfood Store, Gourmet Store or Shop, Health Conscious Shop, Medical Spa, Beauty Shop, Gift Shop, Aesthetician, Esthetician, Massage/Spa Treatments, Holistic Center, Supermarket offering speciality items such as ours with health conscious clients. 
  • Retail location should be brick and mortar - physical location (for online distribution, please contact us)
  • We require a minimum opening purchase.
  • Business license and resale number are required.
    We accept, Credit Cards, Cash, Checks and PayPal
    Minimum Purchase is $350
    If you would like to try products before you order them, please use our website to place a regular order. Once we receive your wholesale order, we will credit you for your sample order and this will count towards your wholesale order. We provide testers at wholesale price if requested. Please make sure to include this request on your wholesale order.

    Please use the form below for all wholesale orders. 

    Wholesale Order Account Assistance Hours are Monday - Friday 10AM - 5PM California Time. Wholesale orders are not processed on weekends.

    All Opas Soap wholesale orders take approximately 1-2 weeks time. This calculation varies and does not include transit time. A wholesale order can be placed today and shipped out 3 days later and or a week later. If you are in need of a quick order, please use the form below for expedited possibilities.
    Because of the nature of our products, we do not accept returns. All products are made fresh on a turn over rate and do not sit in our warehouse. Of course if something appears to be wrong with a formulation or packaging, we will make an exception and exchange a product out. Damages occurring via shipping, will be handled immediately and the shipping company will be contacted for further investigation. We are not responsible for products damaged by clients or customers. 
    Products DO NOT require refrigeration but recommended to store at no higher than 74 degrees. Please do not place in a sunny window or any environment where there is direct sun. Products require a temperature controlled environment. Storing our products at correct temperatures will ensure that your clients and customers receive fresh products exactly as they were made to be.
    All orders placed for an international destination may use their own preferred shipping companies. Please note that during shipping delays may occur due to Customs. Any extra charges incurred by Customs or Duty Fees are responsibility of the receiver to pay. Unfortunately fees in this nature are out of our control. Please speak with your local Customs office to find out if there is anything due upon your packages arrival.
    Opas Soap does not currently allow further distribution of our products via online other than what we have agreed to. If Opas Soap products are being sold through a website, your wholesale agreement will be immediately terminated. Nein!