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Anno 1800 are Antique German Health and Beauty Care Recipes sold in Apothecaries and Drug Stores around the end of the 18th century. These recipes are effective and all natural.

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We decided to start digging in the history of Austrian and German apothecary and pharmaceutical Lexicas and Books and in the progress of our research we found some amazing recipes.

After our first batch of Facial Toner we knew these old recipe books had been ahead of their times. Modern products with all their research and science behind it barely could compare to these antique recipes. Those old proven recipes from the 18 hundreds were better functioning, healthier, pure but still made with simple ingredients that somehow work synergistically.

Majority of the skin care products on the market today include toxic ingredients that are harmful to our skin but also harmful to the environment. Most of these chemicals do not biodegrade. So if the synthetic materials in the soap you are using do not biodegrade. Where do they go? They end up in our waterways, and leach into the ground causing contamination to farmlands and water supply. If you are using the synthetic soap on your body, your skin is absorbing up to 60% of those ingredients.

What would you rather prefer? Now that you have the choice. Natural ingredients or synthetic chemical ingredients?

Would you prefer skin care products that are made completely from the earth’s ingredients, (plants, flowers, roots, oils) that enhances, biodegrades, benefits your skin and body? Or would you rather use products with synthetic ingredients, which, could possibly cause skin irritation, unexplainable rashes, dry skin, will most likely harm our Ecosystem, and possibly killing our wild life, fish, plants and organisms. In the long run, what you apply to your skin can effect your immune system since the skin is the largest organ we have.

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