Nettle Tea - Organic

Nettle Tea - Organic

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The stinging nettle contains ingredients such as: amine, calcium, magnesium, iron, folic acid, potassium, silica, nitrogen, phosphorus, vitamin C, provitamin A and chlorophyll.

Opas Famers TeaFolic acid and iron play a role in blood formation while silica strengthens the connective tissue, nails and hair. Beta-sitosterol, present in nettles root, is used to treat benign prostate.

Properties of stinging nettle are: astringent, diuretic, tonic, anodyne, pectoral, rubefacient, styptic, anthelmintic, nutritive, alterative, hemetic, anti-rheumatic, anti-allergenic, anti-lithic/lithotriptic, haemostatic, stimulant, decongestant, herpatic, febrifuge, kidney depurative/nephritic, galactagogue, hypoglycemic, expectorant, anti-spasmodic, and anti-histamine. 

Vitamin C and provitamin A strengthens the immune system. Drink for increased energy, thicker hair and stronger nails. May also increase glow in skin due to varieties of vitamins and minerals.

Add honey for an intensified and fuller taste.

Throughout history - stinging nettle has been known to help with rheumatism, gout, arthritis, liver diseases, hypertension, colds & flus, diabetes, arthralgia, anemia, heavy menstrual bleeding, kidney stones, nosebleeds, skin allergies, hair and scalp problems, prostate enlargement, burns, eczema, urinary tract infection, insect bites, sprains and strains.

Pregnancy and Menstruation - stinging nettle is rich in minerals and can be beneficial to both mother and child during pregnancy. It is also a good supplement to strengthen the fetus.  It is used during labor to ease the pains, and will increase milk production in lactating women. If drinking nettle during pregnancy, practice caution. Nettle can detoxify and remove excess water, drink generous amounts of water. Stinging nettle is often recommended for pre-menstrual syndrome because of its toxin-ridding activity.  When the liver is sluggish, it processes estrogen slowly, contributing to the high levels that cause or aggravate PMS.  It acts as a restorative remedy during menopause, and the astringency of the herb helps in excessive menstrual flow.

Weight loss - nettle has a detoxifying effect and may help with weight loss. Because stinging nettle is a diuretic, it increases the secretion and flow of urine. It can also help to break down kidney stones and gravel in the bladder. Regular consumption of nettle tea is a very healthy regimen. Nettle also has a diuretic effect and can assist the body in removing excess water. If drinking more than one cup of nettle tea per day, make sure to drink enough water. The diuretic effect in nettle is caused by its potassium therein. Vitamin and provitamin A and B help to strengthen the immune system helping the body to burn fat better and decrease weight.

To aid weight loss, brew 3-4 cups of nettle per day with a fresh source of water. Drink nettle tea without any sweeteners, artificial flavors or sugars. Take small sips of your nettle tea throughout the entire day. Do not drink more than a quart of nettle tea per day. Continue with this method for at least 4 weeks but with a maximum of 8 weeks. After 8 weeks take a break for 2-3 weeks.

Arthritis or Rheumatism Pain? - Hildegard Says: Take and bundle of fresh nettle and gently pound on skin (local area of complaint) 10-15 times. After the first or second blow to the skin a numbing effect will occur. Bubbles and itching will occur, try to resist the urge to itch. Itching will subside with time. The following day notice a decrease in pain or much reduction in pain.
Brew a cup of Nettle tea and drink 3 times daily. Drinking Nettle tea daily will flush out uric acid from the body helping to reduce pain and inflammation in the joints. Drink plenty of water followed by all three cups of nettle tea.
A compress of stinging nettle may be applied to the area of complaint. Good quality dried nettle with its hairs still in tact can be gently pounded on the skin to reduce pain in that local area. 

Net.: 1oz (30g)

Bio Austria Certification
Our Herbal and Fruit teas are grown on a certified organic farm in Austria. The harvest is carried out only by hand. Particular attention is paid to the harvesting time and keeping the herbs as whole as possible. Preserved only by air drying. Want to learn more? See here.
GMO Free
Our natural therapies are meant for helping the patient. They do not eliminate, neither replace medical traditional cures. We are not responsible for a faulty or unsuccessful cure. Not evaluated by the FDA. If symptoms persist consult a physician.

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