This daily anti-aging moisturizing lotion will improve dry lifeless skin and instantly hydrate skin.


This nourishing green tea lotion will improve the health of dry and mature skin.

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Face & Body Lotion Reviews

I thought this green tea lotion was extremely moisturizing. I really like it because it last long and I only needed to s...

I received this lotion as a gift and wish that it was not out of stock. It's worked wonders on my dry skin without leavi...

This is my first product review EVER but I had to share my complete satisfaction with this lotion!! I have severe eczema...

Wonderful lotion. I have mild eczema and my skin has been reacting to the change in seasons where I live. This lotion so...
Cuniculusa (Etsy)

This Green Tea is very hydrating! It’s not oily at all which is perfect for the face. Our skin gets very dry from th...
Jasen Chambers

Love this lotion for my face! Very gentle on my sensitive skin and doesn't cause breakouts. I have an oily nose and chin...
Anna Y
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