This nourishing green tea lotion will improve the health of dry and mature skin.


This daily anti-aging moisturizing lotion will improve dry lifeless skin and instantly hydrate skin.


Face & Body Lotion Reviews

I received this lotion as a gift and wish that it was not out of stock. It's worked wonders on my dry skin without leavi...

OMG soooo soft all your products are great I want to eat them.......
Luz Morales-Waldman (Etsy)

This is my favorite lotion out of the 3. It has a wonderful scent and makes my skin feel so soft. I love that it's not g...
Pamela C

I love this! The smell reminds me of a spa. The lotion is luxurious and very moisturizing....

This is my first product review EVER but I had to share my complete satisfaction with this lotion!! I have severe eczema...

Love this lotion, it's a very strooonngg scent, you step into a car or a room when applying in the last hour, someone WI...
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