Argan oil, also known as the miracle oil is very beneficial to all hair types especially colored treated, dry, and processed hair.


You will love this refreshing scent. Palmarosa shampoo is cleansing, nourishing, increases flexibility, helps prevent breakage, keeps hair healthy, and suits all hair types.


What makes a great shampoo? A great shampoo cleanses, moisturizes and protects.


Just as the name sounds, Mojito for mint and Tree for Tea tree, this shampoo is formulated to clarify, refine, strip oils, and help balance sebum production.


Bossa Nova is a natural every day shampoo for maintaining healthy hair. It gently cleanses the scalp and hair and is made with only the best natural ingredients.


Shampoo Reviews

I'm really excited for this!! It shipped fast and when i got it I realized I didn't get a conditioner lol so that day I ...
dangeo2838 (Etsy)

Wonderful shampoo and conditioner. Lightening fast shipment. Will be back....

When I stopped buying shampoos with SLS and other harmful chemicals at the store, I did crazy research to find an AFFORD...

I know this shampoo from EWG. I was impressed by the score and I thought I 'd try it. I am very pleased and continue to...

I stumbled on this company through an artisan directory b/c i had been searching for an organic shampoo to deal with my ...
Teresa B

First thing I did when I opened this was wash my hair to check it out. Lovely smell, rich lather, and left my (very fine...
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