Wild Argan conditioner is stimulating, and is beneficial to all hair types including treated, dry, and processed hair.


Ojai Lavender conditioner is balancing, conditioning, calming, relaxing, increases flexibility of hair, and stimulates hair growth.


Palmarosa conditioner is nourishing, increases flexibility, helps prevent breakage, and aids to keep hair healthy.


Bossa Nova conditioner is designed to help promote stimulation of the hair follicles.


Conditioner Reviews

I love this conditioner! It feels amazing to use a conditioner that does not contain harsh chemicals....

I wasn't sure if this was going to work very well after I rinsed this out. My hair felt like I had not really used condi...
Ashley M (Etsy)

A silky smooth, highly intensive aroma, which puts you in no hurry to want to rinse it out. Delightful aroma and texture...

Like the soap.. I love this just as much. The smell, texture. My hair felt so moisturized after use, without feeling gre...

I have been using the Lavender Conditioner for several weeks. It is delightful, smells wonderful, and does the job fine ...
Myrto Ashe

Love, love, LOVE this! First natural shampoo and conditioner that makes my hair feel good!...
Stephanie Perez (Etsy)
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