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Welcome to Opas Soap
handmade natural body products

We have created wonderful products that you will find truly luxurious and high quality.
We use the finest vegetable oils, essential oils, botanical, and plants based ingredients to ensure a
blissful experience.

Handmade & Natural
We create some of the best handmade products you'll ever use. We pride ourselves on our truth in labeling pledge and assure you freshest quality made in the USA.
At Opas Soap we use old world recipes from the Renaissance, Reformation, and Naturalism era combined with a modernistic approach.
Our promise
We provide you with the cleanest, greenest, and most purest experience. Our animals and environment come first. We use biodegradable soy ink and eco-friendly packaging.
Love this soap! I was searching everywhere for a chemical-free/additive-free soa..
Diane T
Great shampoo. I found out about this natural shampoo at the cosmeticsdatabase.c..
First thing I did when I opened this was wash my hair to check it out. Lovely sm..
Wonderful prompt response from Mercedes to my questions. Also, prompt shipping a..
Lisa G
I was amazed how soft my hair became using really "healthy" shampoo. T..