Vanilla Orange Latte Candle

Vanilla Orange Latte Candle

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One of the most delicious mixes and highest rated by our customers, our Vanilla Orange Latte Candle is made with fresh orange essence, warm and mood enhancing Vanilla.

vanilla orange labelVanilla Bean is a natural aphrodisiac and expels a wonderful homey feel. This sensual sacral chakra blend of goodness will relax you and your visitors. A slight sprinkle of cinnamon in a latte makes it all the better, enjoy notes of this spice as it invigorates a warm feeling. Our non-toxic candles are made with luxurious coconut wax. Burning time of our coconut wax candles tend to be up to a 40 hour average. Gifting a candle is a great way to say thank you and it makes all the difference when the candle is natural, non-toxic, and made with love.

What we like the best about the Vanilla Orange Latte Candle.

It’s such an addicting scent. It’s staying power is strong but not over powering. We burn candles on average of 4-5 times a year but this scent allows us to enjoy the quarter part of the year, the Fall season, it also makes us feel loved, secure and safe. This candle would fall under thanksgiving scented candles, autumn and fall scented candles, end of summer scented candles, vanilla spice scented candles, chai latte scented candles, apple cider spice scented candles.

Candle size: 3in (76mm) x 3in (76mm) x 3in (76mm) - 7.5 fl.oz.

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