Soap Pouch Cambric Fiber

Soap Pouch Cambric Fiber

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Soap Pouch Cambric Fiber

What is Cambric Fiber?

Cambric or chambray is a lightweight cotton cloth used as fabric for lace and needlework. Cambric, also known as batiste in a large part of the world, was first used in Cambrai, France, as early as 1595. It is possibly named after Baptiste of Cambrai.

It is a closely woven, firm fabric with a slight glossy surface produced by calendaring. Modern cambric is made from Egyptian or American cotton and sometimes flax.

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  • Patricia W

    Rated 5 out of 5 stars

    This soap pouch is great. It's soft and well made. I've been using this with my opas soaps everyday for my shower. I love that it's all natural and soft yet perfect for gently exfoliating!

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