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Looking for a new owner to love me, because I am a Superhero Awesome Stunt Pig

| Marci Zavala | News

Looking for owner that treats me with respect, because I am a Superhero Awesome Stunt Pig.

Superhero Awesome Stunt Pig you ask? Read the following and you'll understand.

First, a few things about myself. Im black and white mixed, I am somewhat muscular with maybe a few pounds extra. I am still able to get things done, if you know what I mean. Wink. Yes, I am a male and I am tough but very friendly towards humans. I don't remember my name due to a trauma I had, well, keep reading and you know why I can't remember my name. About my age? I never cared about my age, I think it's not important so I did not keep track of it but I am a full size adult. I like to hang on farms, dig, grunt around and enjoy life. Well, we all do, don't we?

Let me tell you what happened to me on October 30th 2011. On this hot and sunny day my owner and I drove on highway 33-- you know the stretch between Ojai and Ventura. My owner did not lock the horse trailer correctly so I fell out during the ride. I hit the freeway with like 50mph, I got a few scratches and bruises but as I recall I got pretty lucky. I was tumbling out of his trailer like a bag of sand spinning and rolling until I could catch myself. I was disoriented and did not know what happened to me, everything spun and I just heard the noise of the trailer and cars. Once I got back on my feet, I ran around on the freeway confused and in shock. Gladly, cars slowed down and one lady with a dog stopped and tried to catch me. I did not fight being rescued but her dog started chasing me, we ran back and forth and the dog kept on nipping at me. Its not that I went through enough already, I had a dog chasing and biting me. More people including 2 cop cars stopped and tried to get the dog off my tail. It was a thirty minute pig and dog hunt, with good intentions.

Thanks to a bunch of real friendly people they caught the dog. Thereafter, I was ready to be tamed and controlled. Some volunteers put a rope around my neck and stringed me to a front bumper of a police car. I was even given some juicy apples from a lady =). Some guy even took some pictures of me. Wow, these people must really like my stunts. I felt already a lot better and the shock was wearing down. After the situation was in control the nice volunteers moved on and left. I had to wait with really tall humans who were wearing the exact same clothing (Nice folks by the way, the Ventura PD). So we both, lets say, waited until Animal Control arrived and helped me to relocate to my temporary living quarters at the Ventura County Animal Shelter.

I now reside in the Ventura County Animal Shelter. I am waiting for a new farm, a farm I can have fun and continue my life until retirement, and no, I will not easily give up and support you humans with some pork chops or bacon. That won't happen, sorry, I know the story of uncle Rudi and what happened to him, he got tricked into a horse trailer and then… well I'm not going into that. I'm just saying I am a super pig! Maybe I will become a stunt pig, jumping off bridges, I proved myself already with some 50mph car stunts! I think Babe did his own stunts too.

Since I am here in my kennel 151, I had time to think and reflected on what happened to me. I just imagine, it could have been a higher call, maybe I was on the way to a butcher and I just got lucky. A lucky pig only gets one chance in life and when the opportunity comes up, go for it, run, keep running and don't look back. See what's opening up. Well that's how I ended up here.

My goal is to continue to dig in dirt, and, well, just enjoy more sunny blue sky days in my pigs (alias Superhero Awesome Stunt Pig) life. So if you think we are a match and you are willing to keep me even with my action stunt history I could Imagine giving this a try. So go ahead contact me at. (805) 388-4341 ID#A536967

Because I have issues typing with my feet, I asked the couple that helped me out on this crazy day to post this ad. Have a great day and don't forget to lock the doors, strap your mattresses, ladders and lawnmowers to your truck. You just might lose something.

Written by Marci Zavala.
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