Face Care

Cacao Facial Mask Powder

It's Cacao time! Enjoy organic raw cacao mask to help tighten skin, revitalize, repair, increase firmness, minimize pores, and smoothen skin.

Charcoal Facial Mask Powder

This mask seems to always exceed my expectations. Talking about clear skin! What a refiner. I love this mask for its slight scent, almost medicinal but not quite.

Green Tea Facial Mask Powder

Using our Green Tea clay mask is a wonderful way to keep glowing youthful skin, they aid to deep cleanse pores and remove product buildup such as make and sunscreens.

Kelp Facial Mask Powder

Heal and detoxify skin with our kelp and spirulina mask.

Nettle Facial Mask Powder

Apple cider vinegar is one of the most and effective remedies for acne.

Wheatgrass Facial Mask Powder

Wheatgrass facial powder with Mallow flower and French Green Clay.

Beauty Water

Only 5 left in stock
Beauty Water toner is designed to keep skin smooth and firm. Use nature's best remedy, sulfur, for keeping skin youthful, alive, and vibrant.

Honey Toner

New facial toner helps keep skin hydrated and balanced. Opas Honey Toner is water based designed for all skin types.

Beet & Berry Lip Balm

Beet & Berry is our “girly” lip stick. Beet & Berry gives a classy feminine-like shimmer with a red hint.

Beet & Malva Lip Balm

Introducing Beet & Malva, our natural lip balm with natural color.

Lemon & Co Lip Balm

Lemon & Co lip balms are filled with nourishing oils which condition the labia oris (lips).

Orange & Co Lip Balm

Orange & Co is refreshing and will protect your lips. These babies are a tad bit sweet to keep a smile on your face all day!

Spearmint Lip Balm

Spearmint lip balms are filled with nourishing oils which condition the labia oris (lips).

Vanilla & Co Lip Balm

Hello vanilla lovers! We have a real treat for you.
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