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Eau de Parfum Patchouli

Eau de Parfum Patchouli
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A seemingly sensual, of course, luxurious and natural attractive essence.

A bare tingling flight filled with hints of exotic, earthy, citrus, and floral scents.

Smell fabulous and elegant, indulge in original 1800 recipes of Natural Perfumes, Eau De Parfum Patchouli.

30ml (1.7 fl.oz)

Anno 1800 Perfume

Anno 1800, Opas antique perfume line from the eighteen hundreds. Get inspired and experience one of the scents from the era of discoveries and sophisticated inventions!

With Opas original eighteen hundreds perfume recipes, we’ll bring you closer to the senses of the past centuries never to be forgotten in history.

Product Information
A cork stopper is used representing its vintage-inspired beauty as corks were originally used for Perfumes manufactured in the late 1800's throughout the early nineteenth century. The cork acts as a natural sealer. To apply perfume, simply dab turn the bottle upside down so the cork is moistened with perfume, take the cork and gently dab onto designated areas on the skin. Make sure you push in the cork firmly to ensure the bottle is sealed so no leaking can occur.
Aqua, No GMO Natural Alcohol and a blend of up to 20 different plant extracted essential oils.
Please Note
This product is not for internal use. Avoid contact with eyes and direct sunlight. Warning Contains Flammable Alcohol.

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